She's the second chef from Genesee County to be featured on The Food Network show in the last few years.

Wondering if Crust, El Topo or The Laundry is gonna have a viewing party where we can nosh on their noms while watching the show? *hint hint*

Chef Jody Brunori, who is the genius behind the menus at the aforementioned Fenton eateries, will be appearing on Guys Grocery Games this Wednesday on The Food Network.

And the episode is ALL ABOUT BACON.

The chefs compete for a chance to win $20,000. They're tasked with shopping throughout a grocery store-turned-studio to make several dishes for the judges. Sometimes they're limited to a certain number of ingredients, sometimes they're give a strict budget, and they have to decide RIGHT THERE what to make. It's actually a pretty fun show that's made me realize that I could NEVER be a chef.

Good luck, Chef Jody! We'll be watching!

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