I love this time of year, especially when all the channels start showing all the different Christmas movies. I found myself watching a variety of them yesterday on Lifetime and started thinking about the Christmas movies I love to watch this time of the year. See if you agree with me after the jump.

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    A Christmas Story

    All Ralphie wants is a Red Ryder BB gun in this classic Christmas movie. This is one of my favorites and I always watch it when it's on TBS showing for 24 hours on Christmas. Of course my favorite is the ending when the family ends up at a Chinese restaurant and Ralphie shoots himself when he actually gets the gun!

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    It's a Wonderful Life

    Here's another classic movie that is another favorite of mine to watch during the holidays. It's a Wonderful Life is one movie that I will never get tired of watching. Watching George with a guardian angel, going around town to see what it would look like if he was never born. If you don't own the movie, NBC usually airs it a few days before Christmas.

    SqueakyMarmot, Flickr
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    Love Actually

    Love Actually is one of my favorite Christmas movies that I can only watch during the holidays. I finally watched it over the weekend and will probably watch it three more times in the next couple of weeks. It has a great cast including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley. If you've never watched it, I highly recommend you do.

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    Miracle on 34th Street

    I love this Christmas classic and remake of this movie. I don't know anyone who hasn't seen this movie because it is such a good one. Who doesn't love watching a lawyer defending Santa, putting faith back into a little girl.

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    The Holiday

    Have you watched The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? Two women switch homes during the holidays to take a break from their current lives. This is another Christmas movie favorite of mine. Jack Black and Jude Law are also in this movie. The characters all find romance in the end, which makes it even better!

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    A Christmas Carol

    Another great Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol. I love any version of this classic Charles Dickens' story. In fact, while watching Lifetime yesterday they showed A Diva's Christmas Carol with Vanessa Williams. She's scrooge but in the form of a diva singer. She even helps her employee Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim's medical expenses.

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    This is another classic Christmas movie that is one of my favorites. Pretty much like A Christmas Carol, but Bill Murray plays a greedy TV executive who meets three ghosts to see what he has lost over the years. Carol Kane plays one of the ghosts and her character is great in this movie. Bill Murray is quite funny in this one too.

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    Will Ferrell is hilarious in this Christmas movie. He plays Buddy the elf who was raised at the north pole but gets permission from Santa to look for his birth father in New York City. He encounters so many things while he's in New York, so if you haven't seen this one, make sure you watch it in the next few weeks.

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    Home Alone

    I actually still like to watch Home Alone at Christmas time. I only like the first one when Macaulay Culin's character gets left behind from the family trip and has to get rid of some burglars. This is another movie I can only watch during the holidays.

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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    I love all the National Lampoon movies with Chevy Chase, but my favorite one is Christmas Vacation. Clark Griswold invites his in-laws and parents to stay with them during Christmas, while his hick cousins show up uninvited. The series of events that go wrong is absolutely hilarious.