Nearly three months after his children were murdered by their mother, Dariel Walker hopes to inspire other parents with his 'My Little Champions Challenge' using the hashtag #mylittlechampionschallenge.

In the video below, you'll see Walker's positive interactions with Mikayla and DJ, affirming their intelligence, beauty, and self-worth. He hopes other parents will do the same and post their interactions on social media.

Walker tells WXYZ that his children's mother had not been diagnosed with mental health issues but suspects she had been suffering. Earlier this year she drove to Bay County where she shot both of her children before turning the gun on herself.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Farmington Hills man is hoping other parents will use his campaign to bring mental health awareness and instill feelings of positive self-worth in their children.

"When you instill these things in your children, you're giving them a priceless advantage to be able to take over the world," said Walker.

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