"Family Feud" has been getting more outrageous lately with racier questions and interestingly worded answers. Well on last night's new episode of the Feud, there were two questions that had viewers down-in-arms. I say down-in-arms because it was the Australian "Family Feud" that sparked the controversy, and their up is our down.

Name something people think is a woman's job.

The question was,"name something people think is a woman's job," and the number one answer was cooking.  Other answers included washing clothes and doing dishes.  They also asked people they surveyed to "name something people think is a man's job," to which building was the most popular response.

You can't get upset at the show for the responses from the survey, but you could question why they would use the question on the air, or even ask the question in the first place. I can understand asking questions in a certain way to try to get funny or racy answers, but what would you expect from a question like this.

Grant Denyer, host of the Australian version of "Family Feud" tweeted:

Do you think the show crossed a line by asking and airing these questions, or do you think the folks down under need to lighten up?