Yes, somebody asked and yes, the doctors answered. Without laughing.

It feels like we've covered everything so far - the virus can be spread through the air, from your shoes, through air conditioning, etc.

But...but...what about...toots? Rump roars?? Bottom burps???

A podcast in Australia called Coronacast asked the tough questions last week to a medical professional: can farts transmit the coronavirus? Skip to 5:38 in the video:

The bottom line... YES. Because farts contain fecal matter, which can carry the virus (another reminder to clean your toilet as often as you wash your hands right now), yes - you could potentially catch it from somebody's squeaker.

The doctor admitted that there hasn't been a lot of testing when it comes to farts and coronavirus, so he advised against "bare bottom farting." AKA, wear pants. The end.

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