This video is beautiful and gives us one more reason to love our dogs.

Lisa Abeyta's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's almost five years ago. In the last several months, Charles Sasser has started to lose almost all of his speech as well...except when he's in the company of Lisa's dog, Roscoe. When the two are together, Charles can speak in whole sentences and with a clarity that surprises his family.

Wanting to save the special moments, Lisa filmed part of an hour long exchange between Dad and dog, and with some help from her son, the footage was edited and uploaded to YouTube. Her intention was to help her mom share their small miracle with friends and family, but since its' debut on Reddit and YouTube, the video has been seen by tens of thousands of people all over the world. "I'm touched by the response to the video...They talk about how having a pet or connecting with music really gave them back a loved one with Alzheimer's." Lisa told ABC News. "It's been quite an amazing thing to hear people's stories."

Please CLICK HERE for Lisa's blog "About The Video of My Father and Our Dog."

I spent several weeks recuperating after a serious car accident last summer and Spartacus, Heifer, Beeko and Dozer would not leave my side unless they were made to go outside. I felt better with Spart in my lap and called him my little hot water bottle.

Has a family pet helped you get through an illness or a difficult time?

The video is simply called "My Dad With Our Dog." Grab a kleenex for happy tears.