The Tuscola County Sherif's Department is spreading the word about some fake $100 bills found in Caro. The bills were found on the street and turned in to the police department. If you look closely at the bills, you can tell they are not real. They have pink or purple Chinese lettering on them, some dashed lines in one of the corners, and a number of other things you wouldn't find on real $100 bills.

According to the Tuscola County Sheriff's Department, these fake bills can be purchased on Ebay and other sites. They can be purchased for as little as $10 for a stack of 100 bills. The only way this scam works is if people aren't paying attention to the money they are given.

I have to say, I collect money for a lot of the events the station does, and I don't always look that closely at the bills I am handed. I will from now on. If you see one of these fake bills turn it in to the police immediately.

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