A homemade bomb that exploded eight years ago taking part of his arms and the hands of a Chinese man, has been the incentive for him to build himself a new pair of hands.  Yes, you read that right,  he built himself a pair of bionic hands. Sounds strange doesn't it, that a man could build bionic hands without any hands to work with?

Sun Jifa, after losing his hands in the explosion, needed hands to work on his farm, so he decided to try and make his own.

It took eight years of prototypes and failures before he finally created a set hands out of scrap metal. Wires and pulleys inside the shell of bionic arms allow Sun to create hands that can grip and hold.  Using movement from his elbows, Sun us able to pick up and hold objects once again.

An amazing feat considering his handicap, and it may be an experiment that helps other disabled people in the future.



Chinese Bionic Arm Man 2

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