Botox injections have been used by women, usually in their middle years, to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but doctors and dermatologists are noticing a new trend that will probably shock you.

Doctors and dermatologists across the country are seeing more and more women in their 20's asking for Botox injections. ABC News confirms the trend and notes that the number of women in their 20's requesting Botox has gone up by 10% in the last year.

These young ladies aren't using Botox to treat migraine headaches. They are hoping to catch wrinkles before they start, using the injections as a sort of preventative measure.

It should be noted that any medical procedure comes with risks.

Doctors are also concerned that a person who starts too young and goes too often for Botox injections might develop an immunity. They are also worried for the Botox user's mental well-being and caution that injections can become an addiction.

Are women in their 20's too young to be so worried about getting older? Aren't things like good self-esteem and confidence worth more than a few laugh lines?

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