There is something about this story that's a little creepy to me. Sometimes, it’s outside forces like magazines or the media that give young women a distorted idea of beauty. And sometimes, it starts at home.

Plastic surgeon Michael Niccole, founder of the CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, CA, has been doing work on his two adopted daughters for years. When one, named Charm, was only ten- years- old, he turned her belly button from an 'outtie' to an 'innie.' Daughter Brittani got a nose job, and, when she was 18, breast augmentation surgery.

True story, get the rest after the jump.

That may seem super-creepy to the rest of us, but Dr. Niccole thinks he was the best man for the job, saying, “Who would give [my daughters] the time — that extra little look during surgery more than I would?”

These days, the girls, both of whom are now 22, also get regular Botox injections to prevent wrinkles and undergo other cosmetic procedures — things Dr. Niccole calls 'maintenance.' “They don’t want to get old. They want to stay young.”

Do you find this a little creepy or really cool?


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