If you've ever been in attendance at a sporting event that would make history, you know how the excitement can build. For Met's’ fan Rafael Diaz, he just couldn't help himself as his New York Mets celebrated the first no-hitter in the teams history! Diaz leaped from the stands and joined the celebration on the pitchers mound with a host of Met's players. He was promptly tackled and tased by authorities.

“I was overcome with emotion, just being a die-hard Mets fan,” Diaz countered. It did cost him two nights behind bars, but he added, “I couldn’t help myself, I just wanted to be on the mound celebrating the no-hitter,”

It turns out that those two days in jail cost Diaz an appearance at his son's first birthday party, and he has been banned from ever returning to Citi Field. A friend of his who let his enthusiasm get the best of him too, also was arrested. He never made it past the first base line. He was charged with misdemeanor trespassing but is expected to be let off with probation. Both fans will be back in court on July 2.

See Diaz’s historic run below: