Pugsley Correctional Facility in Kingsley and the Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee started a friendly competition that ended up in 29,000 bottles of water.

"Our first initial thought is that we're going to get a couple hundred cases or whatever but we didn't realize what we had here," Robert Gauthier, Pugsley Correctional Facility General Office Assistant, told UpNorthLive.com.

The water was purchased through donations from the community...and the inmates themselves, who donated their wages. "It's a lot of money when you're making a $1.17 a day or making $.26 an hour," said Gauthier. "So from that end of it they dug deeper than us."

One of the inmates says that a lot of the men in the Pugsley facility are from Flint, so this hits close to home. "We want society to know that, you know, we're humans and we're here paying our debts to society and correcting our errors and willing to make our contribution to the well-being of our society and our communities."

The water will be delivered to the Genesee County Intermediate School District. Thank you, gentlemen. Your efforts do NOT go unnoticed.


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