Most of America may run on Dunkin' - and soon so will Fenton. Dunkin' Donuts will be opening next to the new Sunoco gas station on North Leroy Street.

According to a recent post on the Fenton Shoot The Breeze Facebook page, the new location will tentatively open late this summer. From the reaction on that page, people are definitely excited.

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If you are not familiar there is a lot more to Dunkin' Donuts than just delicious coffee and donuts. Did you know that Dunkin' also serves espressos, teas, and frozen drinks? They do. Are you tired of limited breakfast options? Good news - Dunkin serves a variety of breakfast sandwiches on buns, bagels, and even a sourdough bread option. They even offer wraps, hash browns, bacon and stuffed bagel minis. Yum!

Just last week I told you about a new restaurant, The Vault, that will be opening in Fenton too. It is great to see new businesses continue to open despite of the pandemic. To my knowledge, the closest Dunkin Donuts to the Flint and or Fenton area is in Hartland or Clarkston. I absolutely love Dunkin' Donuts coffee, but believe me - I have not been driving over an hour to get it. I live in Fenton so I am super stoked that a DD location will soon be opening there.

If you know of a new business opening in our area, let me know. I am happy to shine a light on anything new and positive in our community.

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