Are people sue-happy in our country? Or do you think she got a fair settlement?

Man...if I sued a business every time I tripped in their parking lot(s), I wouldn't be at work right now. Or ever.

A woman from North Plainfield, New Jersey, has been awarded $522,000 in a lawsuit against Dunkin' Donuts. She allegedly tripped over an exposed spike from a dislodged curb stop back in 2012 and spilled the coffee all over her face and neck. Her lawyer says that "basic property maintenance" would've saved the woman from years of debilitating injuries, but he did not describe what those injuries are.

You can call me cruel and crazy for saying this, but c'mon. I'm a self-admitted clutz. And when I trip and fall, I always blame it on myself. I would never have thought to sue a business because of my own bad coordination. What do you think?