For all of the bad things that the internet shows to us, sometimes, it shows the good in the world. 

Kyle Bigler from New Hampshire walks a total of 16 miles to and from work every day - and that's with two jobs. Two minimum wage jobs. But, when one of his regular customers at Dunkin' Donuts realized that he was walking between two jobs every day, she decided to post about it on Facebook. And it went viral.

Now, because of the post, he has a car. It was donated by AutoServ of Tilton. Sales manager Ryan Parks said, "“I was touched by Kyle’s work ethic and perseverance even when times were tough. I feel like that’s something we don’t see as much nowadays when I compare my generation to my parents’ or my grandparents’ and it was really refreshing to see that.”

Enjoy the car, Kyle! And thank you for setting such a great example!