If you have been Downtown Flint in the last week or so, you probably noticed they have moved in all the equipment to begin demolishing the McCree Parking Ramp. The ramp on Beach Street has been closed since early April due to safety concerns. It was only the upper levels that were deemed unsafe in April, and county employees were using the lower levels for parking.

The McCree ramp has been in Flint since the 60s and had needed many costly repairs throughout the years. When it originally closed in April, Mlive reported that over the last 10 years the city didn't have the resources to properly maintain the ramp, but safety was their number one concern. When it was discovered that the ramp was becoming unsafe they immediately closed it down.

Now Mlive is reporting that once the structure is demolished the city will replace it with a flat parking lot.

August is definitely the busiest month for Downtown Flint. Between Back to the Bricks, The Crim, movies under the stars, and artwalk there is something going on every weekend. The Capital is scheduled to open in the coming weeks, which will add additional parking challenges.

Do you think the city should replace the McCree Parking Ramp with a new ramp?

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