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There are all sorts of scams out there and sometimes it can be hard to determine if an offer is legit or just another ploy to separate you and your hard-earned money.

We talked to Leslie (not her real name) who got a text message saying that she'd won a prize from a local Flint radio station. Leslie listens to several Flint radio stations, including Cars 108, Banana 101.5, Club 93.7, and US 103.1.

The text instructed Leslie to reply with her first and last name, along with instructions to pick up a prize at 400 Britton Rd. (400 Morrice Rd. on Google Maps leads to a business in Morrice, Michigan, about halfway between Flint and Lansing.)

Leslie knew how to smell a rat and didn't reply to the message. She checked with us and verified that our radio stations won't send you unsolicited texts claiming that you've won a prize. (And we thank her for the heads-up.)

Here's what you can expect:  If you're played along with our Workday Payday cash contest and you're selected to win a cash prize, one of our well-known on-air personalities will contact you directly on the phone -- not via text message. When you signed up, you registered your phone number and email address. We will indeed verify this information with you but we won't ask for sensitive, personal information.

(Later in the process you will be asked to use a secure portal in order to fill out paperwork. Cash winners will be required to provide a social security number for tax purposes and you will receive a Form 1099, but again this information will be collected via a verified-secure electronic method.)


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