Don't get scared, don't get intimidated, and DON'T GET SCAMMED.

No matter what they say or threaten, don't fall for it.

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Scammers are preying on people because of the pandemic and bilking them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please be aware and make sure you talk to your parents and any other vulnerable, elderly people you know who could be easily tricked into believing these clowns are real.

Consumer's Energy is warning of a new round of phonies calling people and threatening to cut off services immediately if people don't pay via giving up their debit or credit card info.

A scam you need to know about; Callers posing as consumers energy reps, while threatening to shut off your power in just a few minutes unless you fork over payment. (WILX)

And while we're at it, NO...they don't accept cryptocurrency as payment either.

Consumer’s Energy representative Terry Dedoes stressed that the company tries to avoid shutoffs whenever possible.

“Shutting off a customer’s service is our last resort,” Dedoes said. “We give several different types of communication beforehand. We want to work with customers.”(WILX)

Consumer's also has resources to help their customers stay one step ahead of scammers.

Be very weary of folks trying to enter your home posing as Consumer's Energy employees and also people calling and pretending they work for CE.

Do not just let anyone into your home posing as a utility worker.

Here’s how to spot a fake Consumers Energy worker asking to be let in to your home.

In a phone con, scammers impersonate Consumers Energy workers and contact homeowners in an effort to get some fast cash.  (Consumer's Energy)

Follow the links above for some very helpful tips and even take a test to see if you really know how to spot a scam.

Stay up to date with them ad sign up for text notifications ESPECIALLY about power outages.

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