10 Scams From 2014
From people impersonating salespeople, Consumers Energy employees and Boys & Girls Club volunteers to phone calls from the IRS and Facebook stalking, it's been a strange year for residents of Genesee County and Mid-Michigan.
Nice try, Craigslist guy
This baseball wouldn't make it past Les from Hardcore Pawn. A guy in Connecticut wants you to believe that you can buy this autographed Babe Ruth baseball for $100, or best offer. Even though the baseball looks brand new, the signature looks nothing like the Bambino, and the Sharpie wasn't…
Flint Woman Becomes Victim Of Federal Government Scheme [VIDEO]
This is about the scam that has been going around the country for about a week now. Looks like it has arrived in Flint. As a family you should talk to each other about this so that none of you become a victim.
It's a promise the federal government will pay your utility bill, but in the end, peo…
Teen Faked Cancer, Raised $17,000
Here's another stupid person in the news today. A girl in Texas claimed she had leukemia and raised $17,000, but after a further investigation it was learned it was all a scam. Angie Gomez told friends, classmates and teachers that her cancer had returned so many helped her with fundraisers, wh…