In December 2008, my dad was involved in a very serious car accident that almost killed him. He barely survived when the drunk driver slammed into him at 55MPH, but the life he'd known was gone in an instant.

Suffering a brain injury, he was basically forced to retire and give up so many things that made him who he was.   He is now restricted in so many ways that it breaks my heart.  He struggles with so many things, trying to focus can be a challenge, and even speaking can sometimes be difficult.

Although he has lost many of his abilities, he has developed some amazing new ones.  My dad was never musical or much of an artist, but now he can express himself with some incredible artwork and write touching songs.

In "Not Everybody Dies," my dad expresses the agony he faces every day since that tragic December night four years ago with moving lyrics and images that words can't describe.  He wrote the lyrics as part of his music therapy.  The music is from "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down, and it's sung and arranged by his music therapist, Vicki Barnes.  His art therapist, Susan Boyes, helped my dad learn to express himself with art just as Vicki did with music.

Watch what my amazing Dad is capable of, and listen carefully to the words.  Remember that drunk drivers kill people, and they also take lives.  One such driver took my dad's life... but at least he didn't kill him.