Can Michigan residents get arrested for driving drunk while behind the wheel of a golf cart? It might sound like a stupid question but some people don't get it right.

The other day we told you about a town in Michigan that was going to require its residents to get license plates for their golf carts. The topic of drunk driving golf carts came up in the comments on social media so we figured it was a good time to discuss it.

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Can You Get Arrested for Driving Drunk on a Golf Cart in Michigan?

Yes, you can get arrested while driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol. Since a golf cart is considered a  "motorized vehicle", it is illegal to drink or be drunk while driving it on public roads.

You can drink while driving a golf cart on some golf courses, especially private member-only courses. It's not guaranteed but many allow it.

Most people are well aware that it's against the law to operate a golf cart under the influence. However, some will be in total shock over this. I think the reason that it surprises some people is that they're so used to seeing people drinking and driving on golf courses. If you see it over and over, you start believing it is okay to do.

Aside from cars and trucks, you can also get pulled over by the cops and arrested for a DUI while driving the following:

  •  Electric scooter
  • An ATV (‘All-terrain vehicle)
  • A golf cart
  • Lawn Mower

Yes, you can get a DUI while driving your lawn mower under the influence. Every once in a while you'll see a clip on the news or social media that shows police arresting some drunk person driving their lawn mower down the road.

If it's motorized, your best bet is to get a designated driver.

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