A Utica Community Schools bus driver is no longer behind the wheel today after a crash that involves suspicion of drunk driving. According to MLive, the unidentified female bus driver ran off the road and hit a street sign. If you are wondering if there were kids on the bus - the answer is yes.

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Reports indicate there were roughly 30 to 40 Henry Ford II High School students on board when the crash occurred in Sterling Heights. Luckily, no one was hurt. Responding officers did smell alcohol on the woman's breath and a breathalyzer test was administered on the scene. As you probably have already guessed, the bus driver did indeed blow over the legal limit. How high you ask? The woman blew a .10 and was immediately arrested.

I can't even imagine what the students on board were thinking. I wonder if they could tell that something was up with the bus driver prior to the crash? As you can imagine the school will be investigating the incident. I am going to cut to the chase and predict that this woman will no longer be driving a school bus for Utica Community Schools or any other school in Michigan for that matter.

I remember riding the bus in school and getting stuck on a road due to heavy snowfall, but lucky for me (and all of the other kids on board), our bus driver was calm, cool, and collected. While we all cried about being late to watch whatever ABC After School Special was on, she arranged help and we were all home in time for dinner. Shout out to Mrs. Rife, my bus driver wherever you may be today.

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