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Customs Agents in Cincinnati, Ohio seized a shipment of cereal from South America that was covered in cocaine instead of sugar.

At the center of the bust is Officer Bico, a narcotics detection dog that helped authorities intercept the shipment of corn flakes 'frosted' with about 44 pounds of cocaine. Bico sniffed out the illegal shipment from Peru, on its way to a private residence in Hong Kong.

Authorities say the cereal was covered in white powder and a grayish substance. Tests confirmed that the substance inside the cereal boxes was cocaine.

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According to a press release from US Customs and Border Protection, the shipment was valued at $2,822,400.

Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie praised the officers in his department for their actions.

"The men and women at the Port of Cincinnati are committed to stopping the flow of dangerous drugs, and they continue to use their training, intuition, and strategic skills to prevent these kinds of illegitimate shipments from reaching the public," Gillespie said.

Gillespie notes that drug smugglers are always finding creative ways to distribute illegal narcotics, but his officers are diligent in their quest to thwart those efforts.

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