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Officials at Detroit's Metro Airport seized about $60,000 in cash from a passenger who had neglected to declare it as she was attempting to depart the United States for Amsterdam. The woman had stashed the cash in several packages with feminine hygiene products.

The incident occurred earlier this month and is currently under investigation.

It's likely the woman thought she wouldn't get caught. Who would have expected border protection officers to take a second look at the contents of feminine protection packages stashed in her luggage, right? Well, she figured incorrectly, as officers did take a closer look.

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The US Customs and Border Protection agency seized the cash because it was undeclared, according to Detroit TV station WXYZ.

“CBP enforces these regulations to combat money laundering or other criminal offenses,” said Port Director Robert Larkin. “I’m proud of our officers and the work they do to interrupt currency smuggling operations and illegal activities daily.”

I was 'Today' years old when I learned that any amount of money over $10,000 must be declared if you're planning on entering or exiting the United States. But then again, this rule has little bearing on the likes of me -- I certainly don't have that kind of cash lying around and I don't like to leave the county, let alone travel internationally.

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