Don't gift stuff this Christmas; gift an experience!

You're probably just like me - you've heard of The Dive Shop | Flint but you've never been there. You're wondering, "How can they teach you how to scuba dive in Flint in the winter?" But you're curious because you know that there is so much beauty deep underwater.

The Dive Shop is on Corunna Road, just off I-75 in Flint. They offer classes for just about anybody at any skill level. Want to learn how to snorkel? They can do that. Want to get scuba certified? They can do that. Need a refresher course? They can do that, too.

Maybe you're not sure and you just want to try it out for a night? They can teach you. And on November 30th, you can take their FREE "Try Scuba" class from 10 AM til 3 PM.

If you're ready to take the plunge, they're offering special holiday pricing starting on Black Friday through the end of the year. Give them a call at (810) 732-3900 for huge discounts!

My son and I took their Try Scuba class and we had a BLAST. We both enjoy swimming and we've been snorkeling before, but we're both interested in taking the extra step to scuba diving.

Bryce was very helpful and made us both super comfortable - he checked on us often using hand signals and never made us try anything that we weren't ready for. We learned about the equipment, what number our gauges should be at, how to use the regulators, etc. And when we were ready, he put weights in our pockets and we sank to the bottom.

As you can see, it was a bunch of fun for me and my son to take a class, and I have no doubt that you'll have fun, too! It's a great family activity. Check them out at or give them a call at (810) 732-3900.

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