A little kindness can go a long way - see what happens when you get Cinderella ready for the ball?!

I saw this posted yesterday and was almost moved to tears. Matthew Anderson, who works as a server at Table & Tap, posted this to his Facebook page:

People quickly started following the story on his page, so Matthew kept everybody updated.

"Mari Brooks from the humane society and my mom have rescued the dog. I will update as they come to me. The dog was not very hard to rescue and was pretty happy to be found it sounds like.."

Not surprising at all, since we know Mari and work closely with the Humane Society of Genesee County. The pup was cleaned up and had over a pound of matted fur removed...and was named Woodsie. Matthew says he's hoping that his mom will go back and adopt him.

Who's cutting onions in here? STAHHHHP IT! Thank you for allowing us to share this wonderful story, Matthew!

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