When it comes to winter activities, Michigan has no shortage of them.

There are two types of people in Michigan. Those that love winter activities, and those that hate them. I happen to fall in the category of hating them. While I will go out and have some fun with friends during the winter, being outside for an extended period of time is not my idea of a swell time. However, I would definitely take a bit of time to try some ice climbing.

I do enjoy nature and hiking and at one point want to try rock climbing. I'll throw ice climbing into that category as well just to say that I've done it. That particular bucket list item may happen sooner than I thought as I just learned today that there is an ice climbing place in Fenton called Peabody Ice Climbing Club.

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Where is Peabody Ice Climbing Club?

If you're looking for an adventure and want to try your hand at ice climbing, you can head to Peabody Ice Climbing Club in Fenton. It is located at 12326 Foley Road in Fenton. Peabody has two different ice climbing walls to try, one that is 45 feet tall and the other that is 72 feet tall.

Does Peabody Ice Climbing Club offer rental equipment?

Yes. Peabody Ice Climbing Club offers all the rental equipment you need including boots, harnesses, helmets, crampons, ice axes, and more. You can rent all the equipment you need for only $20 per day or $5 per item. Day passes to use the ice climbing walls are also only $20 per day.

To try it out and get all the details, click here.

Source: Peabody Ice Climbing Club

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