The first Covid-19 vaccines are hitting the road from a Pfizer facility on the west side of Michigan.

The first round of Covid-19 vaccines that will be distributed throughout the country were produced right here in Michigan. Pfizer focused their efforts on producing their vaccine in their Portage facilities. I didn't realize that the very first vaccines produced would happen right here in the Mitten, but it's a pretty cool thing I think.

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You can see a video from Mlive showing the first shipments of the vaccine leaving Michigan to be distributed around the country below.

Unfortunately just because the vaccine was produced in Michigan, that does not mean that the first doses are staying in Michigan.

These doses are being sent to medical facilities all throughout the country, including Michigan. Most area health departments are anticipating having vaccine's for healthcare workers sometime in the next week or two. The vaccine will most likely not be available for the general public until mid 2021.

I know that the vaccine was not invented here in Michigan, but I do take a little bit of pride knowing that our state has a major part in the vaccine as a whole. I'm a lifelong Michigander, and it's a great feeling knowing that fellow Michiganders were the first to put the vaccine together for the rest of the country.

Luckily it's not Michigan residents deciding where the vaccine's go, or else Ohio might be out of luck. (kidding!)


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