My family looks forward to hanging out during the holidays. We love, aggressively playing games. All sorts of them: board games, Jack Box (digital interactive games for all ages), Uno with all of our own rules and other card games, but 'never have we ever' played 'Saran Wrap Ball.'

What is Saran Wrap Ball?

  • I was today-years-old when I learned of this game. You wrap random "prizes" into Saran Wrap, creating layers of prizes, in the shape of a ball. Prizes could be anything from a tube of Chap-Stick, an old Flint Generals Hockey Game ticket stub, gift cards, cash... you name it.
  • Your family & friends might call it Cling Wrap Ball Game, Plastic Ball or Cellophane Ball.
  • Here's how you make the ball and play the game:

How do you play Saran Wrap Ball?

  • After you "artfully" make the ball by ripping pieces of wrap into shreds (it makes it more difficult to unwrap), you throw dice.
  • If you hit doubles, take the ball and peel away/unwrap until someone else rolls doubles and takes the ball from you.
    • Note, I've been told you keep unwrapping until someone takes it from you... which seems like a long time, but it could be very quickly 'stolen' before you even find a piece to start peeling.

Was Saran Wrap Ball created in Michigan?

I've scoured the Internet looking for an "origins" story for Saran Wrap Ball, but cannot find one, anywhere.

  • So, I'm officially declaring the game started in Michigan. After all, Saran Wrap, or cellophane, was invented by Ralph Wiley, a lab worker at Dow Chemical, in 1933.
  • By 1939 Wiley's boss, John Reilly, came up with the name "Saran" by combining the names of his daughter (Sarah) and Wife (Ann).
  • SC Johnson Company owns the "Saran" brand, now.
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Now, go play with plastic wrap balls until your family & friends are cursing at each other at the top of their lungs.

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