With their innovative Street View technology, Google has been adding amazing tourist destinations and other locations of interest around the world, including our lovely state. So after taking a virtual tour of Mackinac Island, and seeing Lakes Michigan and Huron meet from atop the Mackinac Bridge.

Google's latest trek took them to Loch Ness in Scotland. They attached one of their 'Trekker' cameras to a boat and documented the perimeter of the loch for some amazing shots over the water, and they even sent divers underwater for some cool footage.

There was one photo, obtained from the 'Trekker', that caught some attention, and one Google spokesperson said in an interview, "We were surprised by this sighting too. Is it a log, a bird or... the monster?!"

Google Maps

What do you think? Is Nessie a legend, and simply that? Or is there more to the legend?