April Fool’s Day Pranks From Google
Did you get "fooled" yesterday? Some people take it pretty seriously, but it really is meant to be fun. Yesterday was April Fool's Day, and Google had plans to fool with you all day. Here are some of them.
How Old Does ‘Google’ Think You Are?
Were you aware that Google has been monitoring everything that you do online, and they are using that information for the companies gain? But, how much do they really know? Have a little fun and see if they guessed you your age, gender, and interests correctly.
Get Ready to ‘Unthink’ How You Use Social Media
Watch out Facebook and Google+ -- there's a new kid in town that's going to make you think differently about social media -- actually they want you to 'unthink' social media. If you are tired of Facebook changing your newsfeed, moving your photos, keeping tabs on what you say and…

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