If the world doesn't feel enough like a zoo for you right now, you can actually go look at some animals instead.

The Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak will open its doors next week for the first time since the middle of March when it closed to the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They'll have a four-day reopening period that will be open to members of the zoo only; reservations are required and are being taken starting today. The zoo is extending all memberships by three months to make up for the closure.

In the beginning, capacity will be limited to 1,000 guests per day, with no more than 500 guests on the grounds at the same time. After the soft reopening, the zoo will be open to the public with 2,000 guests per day and timed tickets.

Face masks are required UNLESS YOU HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION. If you don't have one, they'll be available for purchase.

Indoor viewing areas will be closed, including the butterfly garden. Outdoor areas will be accessible, other than the playgrounds. Prairie dog bubbles, the giraffe viewing deck, and the red panda forest canopy walkway will also be closed.

I'm gonna say this as nicely as possible - DO NOT BE A JERK ABOUT THE MASK POLICY. This is not a public street; this is a place of business. It's a place of wildlife conservation. Please, PLEASE don't walk up to the gate and make a stink about wearing a mask. If it's a problem for you, stay home and watch National Geographic.

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