Following the death of her son Zachariah last week, Delilah has announced that she will be taking a leave of absence from her nightly show and social media channels.

Delilah's call-in show is heard five nights a week on Cars 108, Monday through Friday. During her hiatus, Delilah's team will broadcast best-of Delilah shows featuring some of her favorite calls and stories from the recent past.

Zachariah, who Delilah affectionately referred to as "Zach Attack" when he was young, took his own life last week after a lengthy battle with depression.

"He was being treated, counseled, and embraced fiercely by family and friends while battling depression for some time now. My heart is broken beyond repair and I can not fathom how to go on...but I have to believe he is at peace with the Lord and that God will get us through," Delilah wrote in a recent Facebook post.

Zach was one of Delilah's three biological children. She is also the mother to 10 adopted children, one of whom passed away in 2012.

Personally, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child and ask that you (if praying is your thing) join me in praying for Delilah and her family as they navigate this most difficult time.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

The video below was produced by People, in memory of Zachariah.

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