He says, however, that he is NOT trying to put the store on media blast, and that they've been very cooperative with him.

Ryland Wharram posted on Facebook on Sunday afternoon about his daughter, and the post is being shared throughout Genesee County.

The incident allegedly happened on Saturday at the Toys R Us on Miller Road - he was shopping with his young daughter, and after about 15 minutes, she began to cry. They left and went to the mall where, after running around for a few minutes, she lifted up her shirt, which is when Wharram saw the burn marks.

He took his to the doctor and filed a report with the store - his daughter's burns were cleaned and bandaged, but he didn't file a police report. He says, however, that he's not trying to blame the store - they've been very cooperative so far.

It's unclear how the cart could've caused the burns, but they're consistent with body parts that would've been touching the cart. Some people are guessing that there was a substance on the cart; the store says that they were power-washed three months ago.

Gotta give him mad credit, though. Most people will post based on pure emotion, and would bad-mouth the store, but he didn't.

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