This little guy's positive spirit is contagious!

Todd Bridges posted on social media that his son, Bradley, who is eight-years-old, had been upset when he learned back in 2017 that the store chain was filing for bankruptcy. So, Bradley sent the company the only money he had - $3 - to help "save" the store chain.

Fast forward to August of this year - Bradley got a letter in the mail, along with a package full of Toys R Us swag, thanking him for his generosity.

Store representative Diane Valenti is the one who sent him the package, saying that she was going through some old paperwork and found his letter and donation. She said, “It was so nice of you to send us your own money to try and help and I’m sorry that we are unable to keep the store open. That was one of the nicest gestures I’ve ever seen.”

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