"He loves sniffing and snooping around when I play with him and hide his toys. So I figured, hey, he might be a good fit for being a detection dog."

South Carolina firefighter William Lindler rescued a pit bull puppy, later named Jake, from a burning shed last April. "I literally found Jake in the last place you could see before the smoke became pitch black and was too dark to navigate through," Lindler told ABC News. "He wasn't doing too good, and I gave him mouth-to-snout breaths until we could get an oxygen mask for him."

Jake was badly burned, and the vet was afraid that he wouldn't make it. His family couldn't afford his medical bills, so they abandoned him...and Lindler adopted him.

He had to go through skin therapy, and still has to wear sunscreen on his damaged skin. After he accompanied Lindler to the station one day, everybody fell in love with him. He's hoping that Jake can become an arson detection dog. In December, the fire chief and the mayor declared Jake an honorary firefighter and swore him into the fire department.

Heart = melted.


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