Every year Dairy Queen helps customers kick off the spring season by offering free ice cream cones to everyone. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen this year.

The company recently announced via its Facebook page that they were going to have to cancel this year's Free Cone Day promotion due to the ongoing pandemic.

Dairy Queen:

As spring approaches, we all look forward to Free Cone Day, an event that attracts long lines at our restaurants. Given the state of COVID-19, we've made the difficult decision to cancel this year's event with your safety and the safety of our crew members in mind.

We look forward to bringing back Free Cone Day in 2022 and celebrating our fans in a sweet way. From all of us at DQ, thank you for understanding.

I honestly don't understand what COVID-19 has to do with the cancellation of the promotion and handing out free ice cream cones to customers. It's not like you're more likely to get COVID from a free cone over one that's paid for. I would however understand if they didn't want to hand out free cones because of the cost to the company.

It's really not a big deal at the end of the day. Dairy Queen doesn't owe their customers anything. Plus those ice cream cones are only like 99 cents anyway so try not to get your panties in a bunch over this.

I don't eat fast food very often but when I get a cheat day, I go to DQ.

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