"This year, I flew more than I ever have before, and am probably going to close the year out with about 350,000 actual flown miles. For comparison, the moon is 238,000 miles away."

Peter Shankman travels the world, speaking about his ADHD as well as marketing. He flies a LOT, and therefore, has a lot of airline miles racked up. Instead of letting them go to waste, he has decided to start a project where he gives those miles to people who can't afford to go home for the holidays.

He announced the project on Imgur last month and, so far, he's sent 10 people home to be with their families. You can see the winners and their stories HERE.

He makes a great point: we complain about flight delays, baggage fees, etc. But we're VERY lucky that we're financially able to travel, and not everybody has that luxury. What a great thing to do for people!