I love a good prank, but in my opinion pranks should always be lighthearted and funny, never hurtful. Apparently the producers of a Cambodian TV show called 'Like It Or Not' are unaware of what lighthearted and funny mean, but they totally got hurtful right.

13-year-old Autumn Allen was on the show recently because she was told she would be reunited with her mother, who she hadn't seen in over seven years. The teen was obviously emotional, her eyes swelling with tears, anticipating the end of that motherless era of her life.

Unfortunately, the time counter on that motherless era of her life is still ticking, because the whole thing was, a sick joke. A comedian dressed in drag walked out onto the stage and gave Autumn a hug. Allen was able to keep her composure while the cameras were rolling, but social media exploded with outrage.