"Dogs, cats can't speak for themselves. Collars slip off, tags fall off, get your animal microchipped."

Debi Petranck hasn't seen her dog Zeus in two years. He got off his leash when she let him outside down in Ocala, Florida. Two weeks ago, he was found in Dearborn area after he jumped out of a parked car of the man who's had him since 2014. The story becomes kind of odd - the man claims that a group of children brought Zeus to him as a stray, and he decided to keep the dog and then moved to Dearborn.

Seems to me like this guy probably stole the dog, but I digress.

Luckily, Zeus was mircochipped. Debi got a call from Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit, a non-profit rescue that operates the Dearborn Animal Shelter, saying that her dog had been brought in as a stray. Debi drove up from Florida and was happily reunited with Zeus.

If this doesn't convince you to get your pet microchipped, I don't know what will!