Three suburban Detroit teens have been taken in by a Utica couple after their parents passed away within just days of each other.

Melina Deda, and Nick and Olivia Miklea lost their mom earlier this month. Their father, Doug Miklea, had a heart attack and passed away just two days later.

Charles and Stacey Little say their son has been friends with one of the teens for several years and recently discovered that Stacey is a distant relative of the teens' mom. The couple tells Fox 2 that they plan to do everything they can to help the teens through their difficult time.

"I just ask everybody to say a prayer for them when you are sitting down for your holiday dinners," says Stacey Little. "But we are going to keep them busy, we are going to keep them surrounded by family, friends, and love and that's how we're going to get through."

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