Consumers Energy has been working non-stop ever since strong winds took down a good chunk of power in lower Michigan areas and they say that you should be expecting power coming back on very soon.

Michigan weather can be very unforgiving sometimes and can cause some serious damage especially if you don't do any preventive maintenance like trimming tree branches and keeping big lawn items tied down. The reports say that over 2,500 powerlines were damaged in Michigan, and I can only imagine how long it will take to get everything back to 100%.

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Christine Wisniewski, one of Consumers Energy’s Officers in Charge for the storm event said, “Lineworkers, forestry crews, office staff and others involved in the restoration event will stay on the job until the last customer is restored, a majority of which will be by end of the day today,”

So you can expect the majority of power to back on in certain parts of Michigan later today. Remember if you see a downed powerline stay far away from it, even if it doesn't look like a live wire, and call 911.  Also, be mindful of crew workers on the roads for the next few days, they got enough to be worried about.  Workers will also be focused on repairing the mast that holds the electrical wiring for your house or business, which is pretty common. So don't go outside trying to help or touch any wires, just contact consumers so they can add it to the thousands of homes they have to hit in the next few days.

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