A very sweet story from my home state! 

Rich Nowakowski, who suffered a stroke a few years back and is unable to speak well, definitely doesn't have a problem cheering on good work.

A construction crew from Benoy Masonry in Verona, Wisconsin, is building an apartment complex across the street from Rich's house in Hartland, and he sits on his porch every day, complimenting their work.

They affectionately call him "boss," and decided to pool their money with other companies working on the project...and bought him tickets to a Packers game, along with $400 and some Packers gear. The owner of Benoy Masonry says that, usually, neighbors don't like them disrupting their lives, so it's nice to have somebody who is supportive.

Rich took his son, Ryan, to the game against the Texans...and the Packers won. I'm totally in love with this story from my home base of Wisconsin. <3