Over the weekend, talk-show host Conan O'Brien gave the commencement speech at Dartmouth College. Not surprisingly, the self-deprecating funnyman began his speech by stating how ridiculous it was that "a television talk show host" had been selected to impart wisdom.

Even less surprising was that Conan's speech turned out to be really good. He touched on the tough job market and the unfairness of life, and told the crowd that, while they shouldn't fear failure, they should "do their very best to avoid it."

He also got in a not-exactly-subtle dig at Jay Leno and other "aging baby boomers [who] refuse to leave their jobs."

The speech is almost 24 minutes long. But it's funny and insightful, and you can watch it here for free, as opposed to the students in the audience who paid about $200,000 worth of bills for the privilege. Check it out below.

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