Great news for MSU students hoping to have in-person graduation.

In a recent announcement, Michigan State University has said that in-person graduation ceremonies will be held for Spring 2021 semester graduates. Students will be emailed an invitation for graduation in mid-March and they MUST RSVP for the ceremonies. Also, each graduate will be allowed two guests.

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous disruption in higher education. One occasion most severely impacted has been the university’s ability to conduct in-person commencement ceremonies; an event that marks milestone achievement for graduates and a time of celebration for students, their families and loved ones.

MSU has and continues to work diligently to honor graduates while keeping health and safety at the forefront of all planning within the parameters of existing state government restrictions related to the pandemic...MSU announcement. 

Ceremonies are scheduled for the end of April and in May for Spring 2021 graduates only. Students graduating in the Summer 2021 semester will be invited to participate in the Fall 2021 commencement ceremonies. Finally, an in-person ceremony for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 graduates is still in the works according to the university.

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These in-person graduation ceremonies will take place at different locations than in the past due to COVID-19 restrictions. Many of the ceremony locations are parking lots around the campus including the Breslin Center Parking Lot, Erickson Parking Lot, Spartan Stadium Parking Lot, and Auditorium Parking Lot. To find out where and when the ceremonies will take place for each college at the university, click here. 

Source: Michigan State University

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