I love a good burger. Throw some cheese on it, along with some condiments (put the tomatoes straight into the trash) and I'm in heaven. But how about a 10-pound burger? Are you up for the challenge? I'm gonna take a pass on this one.

But competitive eater Raina Huang -- who I'm guessing is about half my size and weight -- can't say no to a food challenge. How does she do it without becoming a candidate to appear on My 600-lb Life? We probably don't want to know.

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The Challenge

Raina visited Michigan this week, setting her sights on Aljoom's BBQ/Burger Shack on Telegraph in Dearborn Heights to take on a massive 10-pound burger. In the video below, Raina takes us into the kitchen where the monster burger is prepared. This beast consists of a five-pound beef patty topped with some barbeque, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy mayo.

The 10-pound burger is served with a side of French fries. Although it looks like the fries are dwarfed by the burger if you take a second look you'll probably notice that it's a pretty healthy serving of fries. (Tony's, anyone?)

Let's Get to Eat

(Spoiler alert ahead) You'll probably want to skip ahead a bit in the video below. At about the 9:00 minute mark, Raina declares victory (apparently you don't have to eat all the fries), conquering the massive burger in just over 39 minutes.

I guess we should say, job well done?

Want More?

Aljoom's BBQ/Burger Shack is located at 8606 N. Telegraph Rd. in Dearborn Heights. Their Facebook page boasts of a spicy chicken sandwich that apparently requires customers to sign a waiver. I'll take that challenge any day of the week.

Raina takes on food challenges all over the country and shares videos on her YouTube channel and webpage.


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