It looks like the story we brought you a week ago regarding the Grand Blanc School Board member, and questions raised on her support of Qanon, has gained national attention.

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Newly elected Grand Blanc School Board member Amy Facchinello was featured Wednesday night on CNN during a segment on locally elected officials who have posted or openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories.

You may remember that just hours before the last school board meeting, a group of students, retired teachers, and parents were protesting at the high school, expressing their concern with school board member Facchinello. Concerns were raised by high school student Lucas Hartwel after he found several social media posts alluding to her support of QAnon on her Twitter account dating all the way back to 2017.

In the CNN report, Hartwell actually shows copies of the now deleted Twitter posts from Facchinello's account. One of the posts says, "Q ANON CONFIRMED BY TRUMP." Another post is about conservatives' accounts being deleted with an image of a fiery "Q" and is captioned, "We the people are pissed off."

Although there are many in the community that support Facchinello, there are many that would like to see her step down from her newly elected position on the school board. She has indicated she has no intention of doing so. Hartwell, though, feels strongly that she should be removed from her position.

"It's a platform that's based on everything a school district should stand against, everything education should stand against," said Hartwell. "And that's the most upsetting part to me, that somebody who has the future of children believes these things that are so outlandish and so harmful to not just our community, not just our children, but to our nation and the world."

Facchinello denies being a Qanon supporter and feels this a politically motivated attack against a Trump supporter. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Watch the full story from CNN below.

View the original protest video below.


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