It's the opposite of, "Little pig, little pig, LET ME IN!" This time, it was the PIG, begging for shelter.

Last Tuesday night, as storms rolled across Michigan, Ron and Amalie Hess had a knock at their door - were they missing a pig? A little pot-bellied pig showed up in their yard, scared and lost during the storms. They've taken him in the for time being and are looking for his owners. They're pretty confident that he was somebody's pet, saying that he interacts well with their daughters and their dog (who shares matching markings with him).

They live alongside Almar Orchards, and since Amalie works there, she put out a plea on their Facebook page.

And, as of Saturday, his name is Hamlet and he has yet to be claimed. Sounds to me like Ron and Amalie wouldn't be opposed to keeping him. ;)

And, in case you're wondering, NO. He would not be used for bacon.

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