The City of Flint is reminding residents about the dangers of burning yard waste and the hazards it may pose.

In a news release, the City of Flint says that burning brush of any kind without a permit is prohibited and when called, the Flint Fire Department will extinguish them. Violators are also at risk for being fined.

The Flint Fire Department has responded to over a dozen illegal brush fires in the last week alone. Fire Chief David Cox, Jr says he just wants residents to be safe and to "understand the inherent dangers in burning brush inside the city. Brush fires can get out of control and quickly turn into garage, car or house fires."

The city says that as an alternative to burning, residents can bundle their sticks and branches less than four inches in width and less than four feet long for curbside pickup on their normal garbage day. Any tree limbs in the right of way between the sidewalk and street will be removed by the city. Residents will also be able to take part in the Unlimited Brush/Lawn Debris week of May 19-23 as part of the Love Your City campaign.