It may be too late to order your Thanksgiving dinner to go, but there are plenty of options for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. Carry Out Michigan is a website that helps you find restaurants local to you, that are still open for carry out, delivery, and curbside pickup.

It's so easy, search 'Fenton', 'Flint', 'Swartz Creek' to order from some great local favorites - or if you are willing to drive to support a restaurant, do it. Search 'Royal Oak', 'Brighton' or 'Detroit' to check out some great mom and pop restaurants that would love to have your business too.

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I know there are some restaurants that are going against the grain, and staying open for indoor service. If you are comfortable with that, so be it. If not, you have options. Unfortunately, not all of our favorite spots are staying open through this round of restrictions. For example, Timothy's Pub is closed until December, and  I saw on my drive home last night that  Brick Street of Grand Blanc is as well. But trust me, once you start searching for take out on Carry Out Michigan, you will see a lot of places that are open, and hoping to get your order.
Trust me, when the first wave of closings hit months ago, I was forced to cook at home. It was not pretty (just ask my boyfriend). I made spaghetti with tomato paste, instead of spaghetti sauce. It was so thick, I could have papered the walls with it. Ugh.

Whether it's a full dinner, or a pizza to go - I am happy to support locally owned restaurants whenever I can, and my boyfriend is super happy when I do too.

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